Colonial and Modern

11-ft high ceiling, a ceiling fan gently spinning, sunshine softly brightening the room through simply-grilled window - all the things in our bright, white-colored, stylish room make you feel confortable and relaxed. Enjoy your time in this simple and modern room of our Saigon Lotus Apartment functionally equipped with a mini kitchen, a 2-door fridge, a storage bed and so on.


Within gentel sunshine

We have a terrace on the top of our Saigon Lotus Apartment with a hanging chair and deck chair under the arched roof. You can have a fine view of the city of Saigon changed day by day dramatically. Give a call to our desk and we'll serve you a drink there.

For your morning hour, for your appointment place

We prepare you a snack and drink for your morning hour at the reception hall everyday. Take a light meal and get ready to leave for the cheerful city of Saigon. Have a good day!

Relaxing balcony space

By just a few steps out of your door, you can reach to balcony space on each floor. It's also a good place for safe smoking. Since this space juts out of floor and the smoke only goes away quickly, there's no worry for non-smoker, eighther.